List of weapons

Player can find a great variety of items including weapons. They're more common in military based Locations or the Underground but can appear in common buildings as well. Some weapons, especially modded (MOD) count as special weapons - cannot be found in common buildings and they're blocked to purchase for every class except The Veteran.

The weapon's real life name is in the parenthesis beside the links.

Weapons marked with an asterisk are given to player to when he starts round in Stalker team. Weapons in italics are special weapons.


Combat Knife*




Uses Pistol ammo. The most common and cheapest type of ammunition which is good for Stalker to use in self-defense but is poor for the Underground trips or raiding.


PPm* (Makarov)

Kora-919 (M1911)


Submachine guns

Uses SMG ammo. SMG ammunition is less common than Pistol ammo, Submachine Guns tend to be quickfiring weapons which can chew through ammo very quickly.

INI Defender (IMI Uzi)


Viper 5 (MP5)

Viper 9 (MT9)


Uses Buckshot ammo. The ammunition for shotguns is uncommon just like SMG ammunition but has less rounds per one package. All shotguns have huge firepower but balanced by slow reload and short range.

SPSA-14 (SPAS-12)

Chaser 13

Chaser 87

Hunting Shotgun

Assault Rifles

Soviet Union Assault Rifles

Uses Soviet Union Rifle ammunition. High caliber deals lots of damage at expense of lower accuracy compared to NATO rifles. Soviet Union ammo bit more common than NATO ammunition but rarer than SMG ammunition.

AKm-47 MOD



AKm-74u MOD


Obokan (AN-94)

Tunder 14 (OC-14 Groza)

NATO Assault Rifles

Uses NATO Rifle ammunition. NATO AR's tend to be more accurate than Soviet Union counterpart but deal less damage. Less common than Soviet Union ammunition, but more common than Sniper Rifle ammuntion.

SGI-5k (SG-552)

SGI-5k MOD (SG-552)

GP37 (G36K)

Falcon (FN FAL)


TRs-301 MOD

IL-86 (L85)

Sniper Rifles

Uses Sniper ammo. The ammunition for Sniper Rifles is the rarest ammunition in game but deals the most damage and is the most accurate.

Vintar BC (VSS Vintorez)

AI Magnum (AWM)